Ilgar Safat
Director & Scriptwriter

Ilgar Safat was born in Baku in 1972. He is a film director, a poet and a rock-singer. In 1995, he graduated from the Akhundov Pedagogical Institute of Azerbaijan with a degree in Russian literature.

From 1995 until 2000 his literary works were published in various magazines in Baku and he performed his songs in Baku and in Moscow. He is the author of more than one hundred songs. In 2002, Safat graduated from the Highest Courses of Script-writers and Directors in Moscow (where he studied in the studio of V. Khotinenko), following which he directed “The Grandson of the Mountains”, which has represented Azerbaijan in numerous European cities for many years.

After graduating, Safat worked for a year and a half in the Film Chronicles studio in Khabarovsk in eastern Russia. In 2003, he directed “The Roots of the Sky”, which was awarded a diploma and a prize by the Governor of Khabarovsk. “The Roots of the Sky” was screened in numerous cities around the world, and has taken part in many Russian and international film festivals (New York, Leipzig, Barcelona, Prague, Augsburg, &c.).

In Germany, “The Roots of the Sky” was included in a catalogue listing the best ethnographic pictures, and the film is currently in the collection of the library of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.


  1. «Thousand» (2001, Моscow)
  2. «The Grandson of the Mountain» (2002, Baku)
  3. «I Remember the Birds...» (2002, Моscow)
  4. «The Roots of the Sky» (2003 Khabarovsk)
  5. «The Spirit of the Stone» (2003, Khabarovsk)
  6. «Free. Kiss You. Boris.» (2004, Моscow)
  7. «Sonnet 129» (2005, Моscow)
  8. «The Holy Virgin of Sofra» (2005, Moscow)
  9. «On Green Pastures» (2006, Baku)
  10. «Return to Gobustan» (2007, Baku)
  11. «Peri Gala» (2007, Baku)
Vako Karchkhadze T.A.
Director of Photogprahy

Vakho Karchkhadze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1968, and graduated from the Institute of Theatre and Film at Tbilisi State University (TSU). A highly-experienced director of photography, Karchkhadze has taken part in many documentaries and feature films.

Konstantin (Mindia) Esadze
Director of Photogprahy

Konstantin Esadze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1972, and is a graduate of the Faculty of Philology at Tbilisi State University, the TSU's Institute of Theatre and Film (where he specialized as a film and television cameraman under Prof. Levan Paatashvili), Highest Director Courses (under Prof. Rezo Esadze), and the Munich Film School (film and television cameraman). Esadze has also taken part in Steadicam courses in Switzerland. He is a highly-experienced cameraman and director, and has participated in many film and television projects as well as in several international film festivals.

Rena Effendi
Art Director

Rena Effendi, the film's art director, is a well-established and highly-successful documentary photographer whose work has been published in countless books, magazines, and newspapers (Libération, Le Figaro, Newsweek, The International Herald Tribune, Courrier International, Ogoniok, &c.).

Torakhanim Aghabayova
Concept artist and production designer

Tora Aghabayova was born in 1979 in Baku, Azerbaijan. After obtaining a Master's degree in Fine Art Painting from the State Art Academy of Azerbaijan, Aghabayova spent some time working in animation and producing video art. Her videos were exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2007. Aghabayova worked as the concept artist for “Absurdistan”, which won the 2008 LOLA German film award for Best Production Design.

Andrey Doynikov

Andrey Doynikov (born 1981) is one of the most outstanding Moscow Conservatory graduates. His manner of playing is distinguished by extraordinary flexibility, delicate lyricism and perfection of performing art.

A. Doynikov went into music at the age of 6. He finished Gnesin Music School with honors (classes of Percussion and Piano). After that the musician entered the Percussion class named after M. I. Pekarsky of Historical and Contemporary Performance Department, the Moscow Conservatory. At the same time A. Doynikov entered the Piano class of Professor V. M. Tropp at the Gnesin Academy of music, and graduated in 2004 (nowadays the musician continues his musical education as a post graduate student of the Academy).

At the age of 15 лет A. Doynikov became the First Prize laureate at the International “Classica Nova” Competition in Hanover (Germany), and a year later he became a winner of “Simphonia” Youth Competition in Volgograd. The following year the musician had a success at his first “adult” competition. It was the IV International Competition of Percussion Players in Brno (Czech Republic). A. Doynikov became the first Russian laureate of a European competition, and got the Prize for the most interesting musical interpretation.

As a soloist A. Doynikov has performed in Germany, USA, Japan, Spain, Portugal, and Greece. He constantly gives solo concerts: Riga (Latvia) — 1999, Saint Petersburg — 1999, 2000, Moscow — 2000.

The musician released his first solo CD in collaboration with “Gnesin Virtuoso” orchestra. The recent works of the musician were in collaboration with his pedagogue Mark Pekarsky (season 2004 – 2005), and his participation in performances of “Mark Pekarsky Percussion Ensemble” in Siberia, the project of Russian Performing Art Foundation. Since 1996 A. Doynikov performed a lot in Russia and abroad (USA, Germany, Austria, Japan, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Great Britain and others). The musician performed also with several ensembles, and took part in the projects of such musicians as Y. Bashmet, А. Lubimov, М. Pekarsky. А. Doynikov represents an absolutely new sort of a solo percussionist. As a rule, a percussion player is limited by traditional solo repertoire and has to perform mostly the compositions by the XX century composers. The other way is to play just entertaining music. A. Doynikov combines standard percussion compositions (music by I. Xenakis, K. Stockhausen, etc.) with solo violin music of different time periods (romanticism, baroque). Doynikov’s interpretation of violin music played by marimba and xylophone can easily compete famous violin players’ interpretation in its depth and mastery.

Doynikov is a scholar of “New Names” Charity Foundation, Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation, and Moscow Culture Committee. In January 2001 A Doynikov was honored by the Youth Grant of the “Triumph” Foundation, and in 2003 he became a scholar of Russian Arts Foundation. In 2000 he was a participant of summer seminars in Trstenica (Czech Republic). The musician is also a laureate of M. Rostropovich Foundation (2004).

A. Doynikov is not only a performer, but also a composer. He has written music for more than ten TV films.

Nariman K. Mammadov

Born in Moscow on 10 July 1969, Mammadov studied Law and Military-Political Education. He has produced various short films and documentaries. In 2005, he became one of the founding members of the Independent Film-makers' Association – South Caucasus (IFA-SC), and was subsequently selected to be the first Chairman of the association's Board.